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Everything you need to know about os.


Learn Operating System (OS) Tutorial

OS Process Management Introduction

OS Convoy Effect in FCFS

OS Attributes of a Process

OS Process States

OS Process Schedulers

OS Burst Time Prediction

OS SRTF scheduling Algorithm

OS Process Queues

OS Various Times Related to Process

OS CPU Scheduling

OS Scheduling Algorithms

OS FCFS Scheduling

OS FCFS with overhead

OS SJF Scheduling

OS SRTF GATE 2011 Example

OS Round Robin Scheduling Algorithm

OS RR scheduling Example

OS HRRN Scheduling

OS HRNN Example

OS Priority Scheduling

OS Non Preemptive Priority Scheduling

OS Preemptive Priority Scheduling

OS SRTF:IO bound processes

OS Process Synchronization Introduction

OS TSL Mechanism

OS Memory Management Introduction

OS Critical Section Problem

OS Lock Variable Mechanism

OS Priority Inversion in TSL

OS Turn Variable or Strict Alternation

OS Interested Variable Mechanism

OS Paterson Solution

OS Virtualization

OS Synchronization Mechanism Without Busy Waiting

OS Sleep and Wake

OS Semaphore Introduction

OS Counting Semaphore

OS Problem on counting semaphore

OS GATE 2014 question on TLB

OS Binary Semaphore or Mutex

OS Deadlocks Introduction

OS Strategies Handling Deadlocks

OS Deadlock Prevention

OS Deadlock Avoidance

OS Resource Allocation Graph

OS Deadlock Detection using RAG

OS Deadlock Detection and Recovery

OS Fixed Partitioning

OS Dynamic Partitioning

OS Compaction

OS Bit Map for Dynamic Partitioning

OS Linked List for Dynamic Partitioning

OS Partitioning Algorithms

OS GATE Question on Best Fit and First Fit

OS Need for Paging

OS Paging with Example

OS Basics of Binary Addresses

OS Physical and Logical Address Space

OS Page Table

OS Translation Look aside Buffer

OS Mapping from page table to main memory

OS Page Table Entry

OS Page Table Size

OS Finding Optimal Page Size

Virtual Memory

OS Demand Paging

OS Inverted Page Table

OS Segmentation

OS Page Replacement Algorithms

OS Gate 2015 question on LRU and FIFO

OS Numerical on LRU, FIFO and Optimal

OS Beladys Anamoly

OS Paging VS Segmentation

OS Segmented Paging

OS Attributes File

OS Operations on the File

OS File Access Methods

OS Directory Structure

OS Single level Directory

OS Two level Directory

OS Tree structured Directory

OS Acyclic Graph Directories

OS Allocation Methods

OS File System

OS File System Structure

OS Master Boot Record

OS On Disk Data Structures

OS In memory Data structures

OS Directory Implementation

OS Contiguous Allocation

OS Linked List Allocation

OS File Allocation Table

OS Indexed Allocation

OS Linked Index Allocation

OS Inode

OS Free space Management

OS Disk Scheduling

OS FCFS Scheduling Algorithm

OS SSTF Scheduling Algorithm

OS SCAN and C-SCAN Algorithm

OS Look and C-Look Scheduling

OS Numerical on SSTF and SCAN

OS Numerical on Disk Scheduling

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