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Everything you need to know about vbnet.


VB.NET Nullable

VB.NET Convert Char Array to String

VB.NET Object Array

VB.NET File.ReadAllText, Get String From File

VB.NET Compress File: GZipStream Example

VB.NET Console.WriteLine (Print)

VB.NET File.ReadLines Example

VB.NET AddressOf Operator

VB.NET Recursion Example

VB.NET Recursive File Directory Function

VB.NET Regex, Read and Match File Lines

VB.NET Regex.Matches Quote Example

VB.NET Regex.Matches: For Each Match, Capture

VB.NET Convert String, Byte Array

VB.NET File Size: FileInfo Example

VB.NET File Handling

VB.NET String.Format Examples: String and Integer

VB.NET SyncLock Statement

VB.NET TextInfo Examples

VB.NET Array.Copy Example

VB.NET HtmlEncode, HtmlDecode Examples

VB.NET HtmlTextWriter Example

VB.NET Stack Type

VB.NET Func, Action and Predicate Examples

VB.NET Function Examples

VB.NET GoTo Example: Labels, Nested Loops

VB.NET Array.Find Function, FindAll

VB.NET HttpClient Example: System.Net.Http

VB.NET DataColumn Class

VB.NET DataGridView

VB.NET DataSet Examples

VB.NET DataTable Select Function

VB.NET DataTable Examples

VB.NET Attribute Examples

VB.NET OpenFileDialog Example

VB.NET Benchmark

VB.NET BinaryReader Example

VB.NET BinarySearch List

VB.NET BinaryWriter Example

VB.NET Regex.Replace Function

VB.NET Regex.Split Examples

VB.NET Regex.Match Examples: Regular Expressions

VB.NET Convert ArrayList to Array

VB.NET Array Examples, String Arrays

VB.NET ArrayList Examples

VB.NET Boolean, True, False and Not (Return True)

VB.NET Nothing, IsNothing (Null)

VB.NET Directive Examples: Const, If and Region

VB.NET Do Until Loops

VB.NET Do While Loop Examples (While)

VB.NET Array.Resize Subroutine

VB.NET Chr Function: Get Char From Integer

VB.NET Class Examples

VB.NET IndexOf Function

VB.NET Insert String

VB.NET Interface Examples (Implements)

VB.NET 2D, 3D and Jagged Array Examples

VB.NET Enum.Parse, TryParse: Convert String to Enum

VB.NET Remove HTML Tags

VB.NET Remove String

VB.NET Event Example: AddHandler, RaiseEvent

VB.NET Excel Interop Example

VB.NET StartsWith and EndsWith String Functions

VB.NET Initialize List

VB.NET Number Examples

VB.NET Optional String, Integer: Named Arguments

VB.NET Replace String Examples

VB.NET Exception Handling: Try, Catch and Finally

VB.NET Enum Examples

VB.NET Enumerable.Range, Repeat and Empty

VB.NET Dictionary Examples

VB.NET Double Type

VB.NET LSet and RSet Functions

VB.NET LTrim and RTrim Functions

VB.NET Alphanumeric Sorting

VB.NET PadLeft and PadRight

VB.NET String.Concat Examples

VB.NET String

VB.NET Math.Abs: Absolute Value

VB.NET Array.IndexOf, LastIndexOf

VB.NET Remove Duplicate Chars

VB.NET If Then, ElseIf, Else Examples

VB.NET ParamArray (Use varargs Functions)

VB.NET Integer.Parse: Convert String to Integer

VB.NET ThreadPool

VB.NET Process Examples (Process.Start)

VB.NET TimeZone Example

VB.NET Path Examples

VB.NET ToArray Extension Example

VB.NET ToCharArray Function

VB.NET Stopwatch Example

VB.NET Button Example

VB.NET StreamReader ReadToEnd Function

VB.NET ByVal Versus ByRef Example

VB.NET StreamReader Example

VB.NET StreamWriter Example

VB.NET String.Compare Examples

VB.NET Cast: TryCast, DirectCast Examples

VB.NET String Constructor (New String)

VB.NET String.Copy and CopyTo

VB.NET Math.Ceiling and Floor: Double Examples

VB.NET Math.Max and Math.Min

VB.NET WebClient: DownloadData, Headers

VB.NET Math.Round Example

VB.NET Math.Truncate Method, Cast Double to Integer

VB.NET Reverse String

VB.NET Structure Examples

VB.NET Sub Examples

VB.NET Substring Examples

VB.NET Convert Dictionary to List

VB.NET Convert List and Array

VB.NET Convert List to String

VB.NET Convert Miles to Kilometers

VB.NET Property Examples (Get, Set)

VB.NET Remove Punctuation From String

VB.NET Queue Examples

VB.NET Const Values

VB.NET Remove Duplicates From List

VB.NET IComparable Example

VB.NET ReDim Keyword (Array.Resize)

VB.NET Contains Example

VB.NET IEnumerable Examples

VB.NET IsNot and Is Operators

VB.NET String.IsNullOrEmpty, IsNullOrWhiteSpace

VB.NET ROT13 Encode Function

VB.NET StringBuilder Examples

VB.NET Image Type

VB.NET Val, Asc and AscW Functions

VB.NET String.Empty Example

VB.NET String.Equals Function

VB.NET VarType Function (VariantType Enum)

VB.NET With Statement

VB.NET WithEvents: Handles and RaiseEvent

VB.NET String Length Example

VB.NET ToList Extension Example

VB.NET ToLower and ToUpper Examples

VB.NET TextBox Example

VB.NET ToString Overrides Example

VB.NET ToTitleCase Function

VB.NET Convert String Array to String

VB.NET Iterator Example: Yield Keyword

VB.NET Mid Statement

VB.NET Mod Operator (Odd, Even Numbers)

VB.NET Convert String to Integer

VB.NET Module Example: Shared Data

VB.NET Integer

VB.NET Keywords

VB.NET Lambda Expressions

VB.NET LastIndexOf Function

VB.NET String Join Examples

VB.NET Multiple Return Values

VB.NET MustInherit Class: Shadows and Overloads

VB.NET Namespace Example

VB.NET KeyValuePair Examples

VB.NET Environment.NewLine: vbCrLf

VB.NET Levenshtein Distance Algorithm

VB.NET Shared Function

VB.NET Shell Function: Start EXE Program

VB.NET Sleep Subroutine (Pause)

VB.NET Sort Dictionary

VB.NET Exit Statements

VB.NET LINQ Examples

VB.NET List Examples

VB.NET Extension Method

VB.NET Select Case Examples

VB.NET MessageBox.Show Examples

VB.NET Timer Examples

VB.NET TimeSpan Examples

VB.NET BackgroundWorker

VB.NET String Between, Before and After Functions

VB.NET CStr Function

VB.NET DataRow Field Extension

VB.NET DataRow Examples

VB.NET DateTime Format

VB.NET Char Examples

VB.NET DateTime.Now Property (Today)

VB.NET DateTime.Parse: Convert String to DateTime

VB.NET DateTime Examples

VB.NET Decimal Type

VB.NET HashSet Example

VB.NET Hashtable Type

VB.NET Fibonacci Sequence

VB.NET XmlWriter, Create XML File

VB.NET File.Copy: Examples, Overwrite

VB.NET File.Exists: Get Boolean

VB.NET Path.GetExtension: File Extension

VB.NET Tuple Examples

VB.NET Trim Function

VB.NET TrimEnd and TrimStart Examples

VB.NET Word Count Function

VB.NET Word Interop Example

VB.NET For Loop Examples (For Each)

VB.NET XElement Example

VB.NET Truncate String

VB.NET Sort Number Strings

VB.NET Sort Examples: Arrays and Lists

VB.NET SortedList

VB.NET SortedSet Examples

VB.NET Split String Examples

VB.NET Uppercase First Letter

VB.NET XmlReader, Parse XML File

VB.NET ZipFile Example

VB.NET Array.Reverse Example

VB.NET Random Lowercase Letter

VB.NET Byte Array: Memory Usage

VB.NET Byte and Sbyte Types

VB.NET Char Array

VB.NET Random String

VB.NET Random Numbers

VB.NET Async, Await Example: Task Start and Wait

VB.NET Choose Function (Get Argument at Index)

VB.NET Sort by File Size

VB.NET Sort List (Lambda That Calls CompareTo)

VB.NET List Find and Exists Examples

VB.NET Math.Sqrt Function

VB.NET Loop Over String: For, For Each

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