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Everything you need to know about go.


Golang strconv, Convert Int to String

Golang Odd and Even Numbers

Golang Recover Built In: Handle Errors, Panics

Learn Go Language Tutorial

Golang html template Example

Golang http.Get Examples: Download Web Pages

Golang container list Example (Linked List)

Golang base64 Encoding Example: EncodeToString

Golang os exec Examples: Command Start and Run

Golang String Between, Before and After

Golang os.Remove: Delete All Files in Directory

Golang First Words in String

Golang flag Examples

Golang Regexp Find Examples: FindAllString

Golang Regexp Examples: MatchString, MustCompile

Golang Index, LastIndex: strings Funcs

Golang Compress GZIP Examples

Golang Interface Example

Golang 2D Slices and Arrays

Golang Sscan, Sscanf Examples (fmt)

Top 41 Go Programming (Golang) Interview Questions (2021)

Golang Padding String Example (Right or Left Align)

Golang Equal String, EqualFold (If Strings Are the Same)

Golang map Examples

Golang Map With String Slice Values

Golang Array Examples

Golang Remove Duplicates From Slice

Golang If, Else Statements

Golang ParseInt Examples: Convert String to Int

Golang Strings

Golang strings.Map func

Golang bufio.ScanBytes, NewScanner (Read Bytes in File)

Golang Built In Functions

Golang bytes.Buffer Examples (WriteString, Fprintf)

Golang Bytes: Slices and Methods

Golang Caesar Cipher Method

Golang Chan: Channels, Make Examples

Golang Math Module: math.Abs, Pow

Golang Reverse String

Golang Struct Examples: Types and Pointers

Golang path and filepath Examples (Base, Dir)

Golang Substring Examples (Rune Slices)

Golang Suffixarray Examples: New, Lookup Benchmark

Golang switch Examples

Golang Convert Map to Slice

Golang Convert Slice to String: int, string Slices

Golang Const, Var Examples: Iota

Golang ROT13 Method

Golang strings.Contains and ContainsAny

Golang rand, crypto: Random Number Generators

Golang String Literal Examples (Repeat Method)

Golang ToLower, ToUpper String Examples

Golang Trim, TrimSpace and TrimFunc Examples

Golang Join Examples (strings.Join)

Golang Len (String Length)

Golang Convert String to Rune Slice (append)

Golang JSON Example: Marshal, Unmarshal

Golang Replace String Examples: Replacer, NewReplacer

Golang nil (Cannot Use nil as Type)

Golang Slice Examples

Golang ListenAndServe Examples (HandleFunc)

Golang Fibonacci Sequence Example

Golang Time: Now, Parse and Duration

Golang bits, OnesCount (Get Bitcount From Int)

Golang Fprint, Fprintf and Fprintln Examples (fmt)

Golang Func Examples

Golang csv Examples

Golang Fields and FieldsFunc

Golang unicode.IsSpace (If Char Is Whitespace)

Golang fmt.Println Examples

Golang for Loop Examples: Foreach and While

Golang ioutil.WriteFile, os.Create (Write File to Disk)

Golang File Handling

Golang range: Slice, String and Map

Golang Readdir Example (Get All Files in Directory)

Golang Sort Slice: Len, Less, Swap in Interface

Golang Get Lines in File (String Slice)

Golang Split Examples (SplitAfter, SplitN)

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