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Everything you need to know about scala.


Scala 2D List, Array Examples: Array.ofDim

Scala Def: return Unit and Lambdas

Scala Vector Examples

Scala For to, until, while Loop Examples

Scala Convert: String to Int, List and Array

Scala Initialize List: List.newBuilder, List.empty

Scala Remove Duplicates From List: Distinct Example

Scala If, Else Example (Match Case If)

Scala Keywords

Scala List Examples

Scala Option: None, get and getOrElse

Scala Console: println, printf and readLine

Scala Set Examples: contains, intersect

Scala Slice: Substring, List Slice

Scala Sorted List Examples: Ordering.Int

Scala Split String Examples

Scala String Examples: StringLike

Scala Strip Strings: stripLineEnd and stripMargin

Scala Array Examples: Apply and Update

Scala Class Examples: Trait Keyword

Scala Exception Handling: Try, Catch and Throw

Scala Tuple Examples (Return Multiple Values)

Scala Var and Val (Variables and Constants)

Scala format and formatted Strings

Scala indexOf: Lists and Strings

Scala Int Examples: Max and Min

Scala Map Examples

Scala Match and Case Examples

Scala Odd and Even Numbers

Scala Range Examples: Start, End and Step

Scala Regex, R Examples: findFirstMatchIn

Scala StringBuilder Examples