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Scala Keywords

Review Scala keywords and language features. Browse links on these keywords.
Keywords. In 2004 Java was an established language. Scala emerged at this time. Scala (a scalable language) may solve some of Java's failures.
Keyword list. In this language, a variable or constant uses var or val. A loop begins with for or while. A selection uses match or if.casecatchclassdefdoelseextendsfalsefinalforifmatchnewnullprintprintfprintlnthrowtotraittruetryuntilvalvarwhilewith
Predefined types. In Scala we can define our own custom types. But more often, we use predefined types like List and Int and String. These types are powerful and full-featured.ArrayBooleanConsoleDoubleIntListMapNoneOptionOrderingRangeRegexSetStdInStringStringBuilderThrowableVector
To start developing Scala programs, please visit the official site. Downloads are available to compile Scala code. This is similar to Java and many of the same methods are used.Scala:
Specification. A spec is critical to the understanding (and standardization) of a language. Scala has a complete spec but it is not easy reading. Some review is helpful.Specification:
A review. Scala is a language that promotes fast development of programs. There is less syntax. We build methods on single lines. These keywords determine the meaning of our programs.
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