C# Convert Days to Months

This C# example program converts figures in days to months. It uses the average days in a month.

Convert days, months. A figure in days can be converted to months.

To do this, we average the number of days in a month. In solving this problem we use an averaged number from Google. The solution is not ideal for known date ranges.



Example. To begin, you can determine that the average month has 30.44 days in it by querying Google. Then, to convert an integer of days to a double of months, you can divide by this constant. We show that 200 days is equal to 6.57 months.



C# program that converts days to months

using System;

class Program
    static void Main()
	int days = 200;
	// Divide by this constant to convert days to months.
	const double daysToMonths = 30.4368499;
	    double months = days / daysToMonths;
	    Console.WriteLine("{0} days = {1:0.00} months", days, months);


200 days = 6.57 months

The interesting part about this computation is that it converts days to months in an abstract way. It is not influenced by what months were covered. If you have a known period of time in a year, this computation would not be ideal.

However: If you are just in general converting days to months, this is the best way to do it.

Also: Leap years also influence the computation. Ideally the exact date range would be known, so this consideration can be applied.


Summary. We described the usage of a constant double to convert days to months in an abstract, general way in the C# programming language. This conversion is not ideal in all program contexts. But it can be correctly used in a general sense.