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ASP.NET Get IP Address: UserHostAddress

This ASP.NET example code gets the IP address of a request. It uses C# sample code.

UserHostAddress. This method gets the IP address of the current request.

It uses the UserHostAddress property in the ASP.NET framework. This is the easiest way to get a string representation of the IP address.

Example. First, this sample code presents the Application_BeginRequest method, which is executed every time a user visits the web site. You can add it by going to Add -> Global Application Class.

In Application_BeginRequest, we get the current HttpRequest, then access the UserHostAddress string property. Finally, we write the string value to the output and complete the request.

Method that gets IP address: ASP.NET, C#

using System;
using System.Web;

namespace WebApplication1
    public class Global : HttpApplication
	protected void Application_BeginRequest(object sender,
	    EventArgs e)
	    // Get request.
	    HttpRequest request = base.Request;

	    // Get UserHostAddress property.
	    string address = request.UserHostAddress;

	    // Write to response.

	    // Done.

Result of the application

The IP address. In this example, I ran the program on the localhost server, which is one on my computer. In this case, the connection is only a local connection, which means my local address was the IP address returned.

Note: If this code was run on a remote server, the IP address for my internet connection would be returned.

Summary. We acquired the current IP address of the user with the UserHostAddress property. This method returns a string with numbers separated by periods. This can be directly used in a Dictionary if you need to record or special-case users by IP.

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