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ASP.NET LiteralControl Example

This C# program uses the LiteralControl type from ASP.NET. It adds comments.

LiteralControl. The ASP.NET LiteralControl renders text data.

It is a way to embed a comment or text in the HTML source of each ASP.NET page rendered. Here we see an example of this web control and add a timestamp to our pages, using the C# language.

Example. First, here is how to get the current time in the best format, which keeps the comments small, and also how to use LiteralControl to add a comment to your pages. We create a new LiteralControl and append it to the bottom of the .aspx page.

asp Literal Use

Code that uses LiteralControl: C#

static public string TimeString()
    return DateTime.Now.ToString("h:mm:ss");

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
    LiteralControl literal = new LiteralControl("<!-- " +
	TimeString() + " -->");

The DateTime.Now property is used to get the current time. On it, we call ToString with a formatting parameter string. The string indicates that we want the date with the "short" hour (1-12, not 0-23), and the minutes and seconds.

DateTime Format

Tip: This method is static. It uses no instance members on the class. More information on static methods is available.

Static Method

The Page_Load event runs each time the page is run. This is important for adding the LiteralControl at the bottom of each page. LiteralControl is simply a text string object that we can place quickly in the page.

Note: Look at how we use the constructor. We specify that we want an HTML comment. The TimeString() method is called.

And: This returns the "2:26:42" style time string. We put it in the HTML comment.

Finally: In the above code, we append the LiteralControl to the document. This is an object-oriented way to add the comment.

Summary. We looked at the LiteralControl class. This is an object-oriented way of effectively adding timestamps to pages. You may also need to add timestamps to ASP.NET web controls, your HtmlTextWriter code, and other places.