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Cassandra Features

Cassandra Features for beginners and professionals with topics on architecture, relational vs no sql database, data model, cql, cqlsh, keyspace operations, table operations, installation, collections etc.

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Features of Cassandra

There are a lot of outstanding technical features which makes Cassandra very popular. Following is a list of some popular features of Cassandra:

High Scalability

Cassandra is highly scalable which facilitates you to add more hardware to attach more customers and more data as per requirement.

Rigid Architecture

Cassandra has not a single point of failure and it is continuously available for business-critical applications that cannot afford a failure.

Fast Linear-scale Performance

Cassandra is linearly scalable. It increases your throughput because it facilitates you to increase the number of nodes in the cluster. Therefore it maintains a quick response time.

Fault tolerant

Cassandra is fault tolerant. Suppose, there are 4 nodes in a cluster, here each node has a copy of same data. If one node is no longer serving then other three nodes can served as per request.

Flexible Data Storage

Cassandra supports all possible data formats like structured, semi-structured, and unstructured. It facilitates you to make changes to your data structures according to your need.

Easy Data Distribution

Data distribution in Cassandra is very easy because it provides the flexibility to distribute data where you need by replicating data across multiple data centers.

Transaction Support

Cassandra supports properties like Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability (ACID).

Fast writes

Cassandra was designed to run on cheap commodity hardware. It performs blazingly fast writes and can store hundreds of terabytes of data, without sacrificing the read efficiency.

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