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Kali Linux Tutorial

Kali Linux Tutorial with What is Kali Linux, Install Kali Linux, Update Kali Linux, Install Kali Linux on Windows, Kali Linux, virtual box, Kali Linux Commands, Kali Linux Tools etc.

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Kali Linux Tutorial

Kali Linux Tutorial

Kali Linux tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of hacking and penetration testing. Our Kali Linux tutorial is developed for beginners and professionals. Kali Linux tutorial covers all the aspects associated with hacking and penetration testing. Firstly, we will learn how to install the needed software. After this, we will learn configuration of network, basic commands, and tools for hacking, gaining access, post exploitation, and website hacking.

What is Kali Linux

Kali Linux was developed by Offensive Security to replace the vulnerable BackTrack Linux project.

BackTrack was a Linux distribution, which was focused on security. BackTrack was used for digital forensics and penetration testing, and its first version was released on May 26th, 2006. Subsequently, other versions were developed with an update and advance features.

What is Kali Linux

Finally, on March 13th, 2013, the defensive security team rebuilt entirely BackTrack architecture on Debian-distribution and released it under the name Kali Linux. In this way, the Kali Linux came into existence.

Kali Linux Logo

What is Kali Linux

Kali Linux is the industry's leading Debian based Linux distribution aimed at advanced penetration testing and security auditing. Mostly the packages available in Kali Linux are inherited from the Debian repository.

Kali Linux offers tons and tons of hacking and penetration tools and software by default. It's quality is recognized in all parts of the world, even among the windows users who even don't know what Linux is or using Kali Linux these days.

  • Tools: It includes hundreds of software tools associated with their end-users, i.e., penetration tester and other security professionals.
  • Language Support: It offers multiple language support.
  • Security: The platform is built-in a secured environment i.e., few knowledgeable developers can work transparently and follow the best security practice.
  • Forensic Mode: It has a forensic mode which can be enabled from the boot menu, which disables features that interfere with the data on the analyzed system, such as auto-mounting of disk it detects.
  • Wide-Ranging: Kali Linux can be deployed on many devices, such as from smartphones and tablets to Wi-Fi routers and computers.
  • Cost-free: It is freely available. Users can download Kali Linux from its official website, ""
  • Completely Customizable: Kali Linux is easy to customize based on our needs and preferences.


Before learning Kali Linux you must have basic knowledge of computer fundamentals.


This Kali Linux tutorial is designed for those who want to pursue their career in information security, or they are already working as a network security professional, or for adding a new skill to their resume.


We assure that you will not find any problem in this Kali Linux Tutorial. But if there is any mistake, please post the problem in contact form.

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