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Kali Linux Commands

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Kali Linux Commands

Let's see some important and commonly used commands in Kali Linux:

Commands Description
# history This command is used to print the bash history of the current user.
# free It gives the information about the available RAM and the total used and available spaces of physical memory and swap memory with buffer used by Kernal.
# vi It is a screen editor used to edit the file.
# sort It sorts the content of a text file line by line.
# more It is used to display output in the terminal, one page at a time.
# less It is used to view the file instead of opening the file.
# date This command is used to display the system date and time.
# cal It will display a formatted calendar of the current month.
# whoami It will print the active user ID.
# pwd It stands for "Print Working Directory" which prints the name of the working directory.
# ls It is used to list out all the hidden files of a directory with -an attribute.
# users It will display login names of the user currently logged in to the system.
# uptime It will return you the time for which the system has been up.
# uname It prints information about the current system.
# rm It is used to delete files and directories.
# mv This command moves, or renames, files, and directories on your file system.
# cp It is used to copy files.
# cat It is used to create single or multiple files, view contained file, concatenate files, and redirect output in terminal or files.
# mkdir It is used to create directories.
# cd It is used to change or switch the current working directory.

Command structure:

  • Changes the tools behaviour
  • Letter preceded by a hyphen
  • Can be grouped
  • E.g. ls -alt
  • Word preceded by double hyphen
  • E.g. ls -help
Kali Linux Commands

Command arguments

It is an extra piece of information to tell the command what to act on. If we are using an option, argument comes after it. For example - ls -l /Desktop

Creating Directories in Kali Linux

  • To create directories, type-in mkdir /tmp/testdir inside the terminal. It will create a directory with name tetsdir.
  • To create parent dir, type-in mkdir -p /tmp/dir1/dir2.
  • To create a file inside a directory type-in touch /tmp/testfile.
  • To view the directory use the ls command.
Kali Linux Commands

Listing Directory Content

  • -l -long listing
  • -a -list hidden files
  • -r -list in reverse name
  • -t -list new files first
  • -rt -list in reverse time (older first)
Kali Linux Commands
Kali Linux Commands

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