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AutoCAD Fusion 360

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AutoCAD Fusion 360

The AutoCAD Fusion 360 is a CAD (Computer-Aided Design), CAM, and CAE software, which integrates multiple functions via cloud-based platform. It is a manufacturing and engineering program that is designed for PCs, and Mac. It is considered as the next generation tool for the next generation platform.

We can unify design, engineering, and manufacturing into a single platform.

The Fusion 360 is a cloud-enabled collaboration platform that enables designers to instantly share, review project data, and share ideas on any device at any time. It is a 3D CAM application with reform and solid modeling tools seamlessly embraced into one application.

It is a 3D animation, simulation, and rendering application. It is the first cloud-enabled tool to provide 2D drawing capability.


AutoCAD Fusion 360
AutoCAD Fusion 360


AutoCAD Fusion 360

Features of AutoCAD Fusion 360

The features of Fusion 360 are listed below:

  • It has a modernistic look and an easier learning curve.
  • Designs
    It includes various design interactions. The environment combines multiple modelling methods, such as Sketching, Freeform Modelling, Surface Modelling, Parametric Modelling, Mesh Modelling, Direct Modelling, and PCB Design Integration.
    It thus creates the flexibility to create high-quality products.
  • 3D modelling includes Sheet Modelling, Mesh Modelling, and Assemblies.
  • AnyCAD
    The AnyCAD software eliminates the need for translation. We can use data and models from any tool directly in our 360 Fusion design.
  • Cloud Storage
    It is a cloud-based platform. It signifies that we can access our data anywhere on any device. We can continue our work without the Internet connection using the offline mode.
  • Version Control
    It reduces workflow efficiencies and design cycle errors.
    It tracks every change and thus prevents conflicts with automated, built-in version management.
  • It includes many file formats such as STEP, DWG, STL, IGES, OBJ, etc.
  • Administrative tools
    It grants rights and assign permission to stakeholders inside or outside our organization with a collection of advanced administrative tools.
  • CAM
    The toolpaths get updated with every design change through our fully integrated manufacturing tools. It thus makes it quick and easy to machine prototypes.
  • Rendering
    It creates photo-realistic images of our model leveraging local or cloud rendering.
  • It defines project objective, generates and explores designs, Export-CAD ready files, etc
  • Using cloud credits, we can simultaneously solve for various design outcomes.
  • We can communicate our designs to external or internal stakeholders with rendering, 2D manufacturing drawings, and animations.
  • Simulation
    It determines and analyzes the Static Stress, Modal Frequency, Thermal Stress, Non-linear stress, Buckling (prediction of unexpected failure modes), Event simulation, and Shape Optimization.

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