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Verbal Ability | Idioms and Phrases 3

Verbal Ability | Idioms and Phrases 3 with verbal ability, spotting errors, antonyms, synonyms, selecting words, sentence correction, sentence improvement, closet test, change of speech etc.

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Idioms and Phrases

11) A black sheep.

  1. one who takes no share in the profit
  2. an ugly person
  3. an unlucky person
  4. someone who is a disgrace to the rest of the group

Answer: D

Explanation: He is the black sheep of the family as he is a notorious criminal.

12) A man of straw

  1. a man who give value to everyone
  2. a man of no substance or of weak character
  3. a man who believes only in luck
  4. a man who does not believe in god

Answer: B

Explanation: The institute is run by men of straw, so don't believe it.

13) To smell a rat

  1. to suspect foul dealings
  2. a food that tastes bad
  3. to be in a bad mood
  4. to get depressed

Answer: A

Explanation: He is selling a new car at a very low price. I smell a rat in this offer.

14) To hit the nail right on the head

  1. to insult someone
  2. to do or say the right thing
  3. teach someone a lesson
  4. to hurt someone badly

Answer: B

Explanation: Jack hit the nail right on the head when he said that the reason for a drop in sales was the poor quality of the product.

15) One sets his or her face against

  1. to fight over petty issues
  2. to fight enemy bravely
  3. resist with determination
  4. determined to accomplish the task

Answer: C

Explanation: He turned his face against the idea of cutting trees in the city.

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