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Verbal Ability | Idioms and Phrases 5

Verbal Ability | Idioms and Phrases 5 with verbal ability, spotting errors, antonyms, synonyms, selecting words, sentence correction, sentence improvement, closet test, change of speech etc.

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Idioms and Phrases

21) At loggerheads

  1. to be in extreme danger
  2. to be in love with someone
  3. to be in strong conflict or disagreement with someone
  4. to have a poor memory

Answer: C

Explanation: Rocky is at loggerheads with his brothers because of the property dispute.

22) An apple of discord

  1. cause of quarrel
  2. cause of happiness
  3. cause of depression
  4. opportunity to earn money

Answer: A

Explanation: The pink dress is an apple of discord between two sisters.

23) At sea

  1. feeling confident
  2. to be confused
  3. extremely happy
  4. very afraid

Answer: B

Explanation: Maria is at sea in math, she cannot solve even fifth grade-level math questions.

24) A bigger bang for your buck

  1. threat to your money
  2. more for your efforts
  3. more for your money
  4. a big theft

Answer: C

Explanation: Buying this high-definition LED TV will be a bigger bang for your buck.

25) At sixes and sevens

  1. confused
  2. in perfect order
  3. out of control
  4. in disorder

Answer: D

Explanation: After the income tax raid in the office everything was at sixes and sevens.

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