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Verbal Ability | Idioms and Phrases 4

Verbal Ability | Idioms and Phrases 4 with verbal ability, spotting errors, antonyms, synonyms, selecting words, sentence correction, sentence improvement, closet test, change of speech etc.

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Idioms and Phrases

16) At one's wit's end

  1. extremely afraid
  2. perplexed
  3. unexpected gain
  4. unexpected loss

Answer: B

Explanation: Perplexed means completely baffled, e.g., Jack was at his wit's end to find that his car was stolen.

17) At one's fingertips

  1. feeling extremely angry
  2. matter of shame
  3. readily available
  4. none of the above

Answer: C

Explanation: She has knowledge of all sports at her fingertips.

18) All in all

  1. most important
  2. everybody
  3. inclusive of
  4. feeling happy

Answer: A

Explanation: Jack is the only boy in his family, so he is all in all in his home.

19) Apple pie order

  1. randomly arranged
  2. delicious food
  3. in perfect order
  4. food at a low price

Answer: C

Explanation: All books were in an apple-pie order in his study room.

20) As fit as a fiddle

  1. to be very healthy and strong
  2. to be very weak or fragile
  3. a very difficult task
  4. none of the above

Answer: A

Explanation: Peter was very weak but after joining the gym he became as fit as a fiddle.

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