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PowerShell Core

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PowerShell Core

PowerShell version 5.1 is the latest release of original PowerShell, but starting with PowerShell version 6.0, it is now referred to as a PowerShell core.

PowerShell Core is an open-source and available on the Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. It is built on the .NET core.

PowerShell core is launched as pwsh on Linux and MacOS and pwsh.exe on Windows.

PowerShell Core version 6.0 was first introduced on 18 August 2016.

Differences Between PowerShell and PowerShell Core

The given table describes the differences between the PowerShell and PowerShell core:

Attributes PowerShell PowerShell Core
Versions 1.0 to 5.1 6.0
Platform Supported Windows Linux, MacOS, and Windows
Dependency .NET Framework .NET Core
Launched as powershell.exe pwsh for MacOS and Linux, and pwsh.exe for Windows
Uses It relies on .NET framework runtime. It depends on the .NET core runtime.
$PSVersionTable.PSEdition It is set to Desktop It is set to Core.

Install PowerShell Core on Windows

The following steps are used to install the PowerShell core in Windows operating system using MSI:

1) First download the MSI file from the GitHub page of the PowerShell. Click on the following link for downloading:

2) Now, go to the Get PowerShell, and click on the .msi link according to the version of your system from the download(stable) column as shown in the below screenshot:

PowerShell Core

3) Now, click on the downloaded file to install it. After clicking, the following setup wizard will appear. And, continue to install, click on the Next

PowerShell Core

4) The following Window shows you a default installation path for PowerShell. If you want to change it, then change according to your choice, otherwise, click on the Next

PowerShell Core

5) Again, click on the Next button after selecting the options according to your needs.

PowerShell Core

6) And, at last, click on the Install

PowerShell Core

7) After installation, the PowerShell core is successfully installed in your computer system.

PowerShell Core

Launch the PowerShell Core

To start the PowerShell core, go through the following steps:

1) Click Start, search for the PowerShell 6, and then click on it.

PowerShell Core

2) After Clicking, the PowerShell 6 window will open.

PowerShell Core

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