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PowerShell vs Bash Shell

PowerShell vs Bash Shell with What is PowerShell, History of PowerShell, Features of PowerShell, PowerShell vs CMD, PowerShell Scripting, PowerShell Versions, PowerShell Commands, PowerShell Looping, PowerShell Conditions, PowerShell Array, PowerShell Brackets etc.


PowerShell vs. Bash Shell

Both PowerShell and Bash shell provides one intelligent command line Interface (CLI) by using their own configuration management tool.

PowerShell is similar to Bash. Mostly commands which are used in bash can be used in PowerShell like 'rm', 'ls', 'cp'.

Both the shell include commands for managing files, navigating directories, and launching other programs.

What is Bash Shell?

Bash Shell is a Unix Shell and command-line language written by Brian Fox and developed by the GNU project. It was first released in 1989. Its version is also available for the Windows 10 operating system and a default user shell in solaris 11. It also runs on any version of the UNIX operating system.

What is PowerShell?

Windows PowerShell is an automated command-line shell and associated scripting language created by Microsoft. It is designed especially for the System administrators and enables them to perform a task on remote and local windows system through full access to COM and WMI.

It was introduced in 2006 with its first version PowerShell 1.0.

PowerShell vs. Bash Shell comparison table

PowerShell Bash Shell
1. PowerShell is a command shell and associated scripting language for the majority of windows operating system. 2. Bash is the command shell and scripting language for the majority of the Linux operating system.
2. PowerShell was introduced in 2006 with its first version. 2. Bash shell was introduced in 1989.
3. It treats input and output as an object. 3. It always accepts input and output as a text structure.
4. The user interface of PowerShell is a graphical command-line interface CLI. 4. The user interface of Bash shell is a text-based command-line interface.
5. It can execute on any version of Windows from Window 97 to Windows 10. 5. It is mainly prepared for Linux and Unix operating system from the first day

Comparison of Bash vs. PowerShell Commands

Description Bash PowerShell
List files and folders ls Ls, Get-childItem
Change directory cd Set-childItem
Show Working directory pwd Get-Location
Clear the Screen Clear cls, clear
To copy a file cp Copy-Item
To remove or delete a file rm Remove-Item, ri, rmdir, rd, del, rm
To print a string echo "string" Write-host "string" OR
echo "string"
To create a New text file touch <filename.txt> New-Item <filename.txt>

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